Tuesday, November 18, 2008

OK, Seriously - Where is Dakota?

It has been over a week and we have not heard from the little guy. We know he arrived safely in Nebraska but have not heard from him since. He's only about 4 inches tall and could easily have disappeared in a snow drift....

We're doing everything we can to locate him. If YOU see a funny looking little guy with a red face and a great smile, please post a comment for us on this blog. We really want to know that he is OK...


  1. Oh my! This sounds serious!


  2. Dakota, where are you? Annie dog is very, very upset! She loves to look at your pictures on our pc, and wants to hear about your newest adventures. PLEASE let us know that you are ok....

  3. Dakota has been found! He's been to a Girl Scout meeting, played a little Rock Band (he's GOOD!), and helped the girls to choose hair bows in the morning (though he keeps choosing red bows, no matter what color shirt they are wearing!)... I've got a few photos, but cannot get my camera to upload them. I will head over to my parents this afternoon to see if we've got better luck there!

  4. What a relief! We're all crossing our fingers that the camera thing gets sorted out. We're dying to see all of the new pictures!


  5. Oh! where oh where has my little boy gone,
    Oh! where oh where can he be?
    with his hair cut short and his grin so wide,
    oh! where oh where can he be?
    miss you dakota!

  6. I was so upset when I heard he was missing. I said the ransom should be at least $50 for all his world travels.

    I too am relieved he was found!!

    Hang in their buddy...and make sure they give you some girl scout cookies.