Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Factor

Those of you who follow my daughter Robin's blog have requested funny stuff about her and her life. There are so many funny things that it's hard to remember which is best. The naked baby picture is definitely in the ahhhhh factor group but I think she purposely hid it the last time she was home. I will eventually find it but until then I have a favorite of my own.

I ran across these pictures when I was researching information about hedgehogs ( my new obsession, I want one really bad). When I saw this picture not only did they make me want one even more but just looking at the little guy made my heart skip a beat. They are sooooooo precious! I have them on my desktop now.
Robin even drew me a picture to frame so I could look at him when I'm off my PC. Don't you agree they are precious?

Want more cuteness? Check out this dancing babies video, they will really make you smile.

Makes you want to go out and buy a new pair of skates! Like my family would ever let me put on a pair! last time I wanted to but one of those new scooters they have a fit. I wish I knew how to do that kind of editing with the dancing babies, so many possibilities for fun with that. My Grand-daughter Amanda is going to college to learn all that, maybe one day she can teach a few things to her old granny.
Have you seen the new ads for teaching your baby to read? How creepy is that? Looks really strange to hear babies reading so young and I saw one that was only 17 months old reading a scientific magazine because he was studying bats. I if you can teach them to skate when they are that small you can teach them anything! Yeah right! Now if they could only teach them how to behave in public. Before I go, anyone wanting to know why Robin (in her old hometown and college) is known as THE POSSUM QUEEN. It's one of her goodies!


  1. Love those skating babies! Please... not the possum queen story?

  2. This video was too funny! It actually made me laugh - which is amazing right now.... Thanks for sharing.... Wags