Wednesday, July 8, 2009

what's with the momxxx?

OK, i just noticed the Momxxx on my blog. when i started this thing i did not know what i was doing and still haven't gotten the hang of it. the Momxxx doesn't mean I'm bragging about being a hot mama , it's just what i use to make comments on my daughters blog, nothing like it. someway it ended up big and bold so this blog. my daughter has been after me to start a blog but i really don't know why. if i know anything that will help someone I'm willing to tell my story. right now I'm pissed off about the health insurance thing and might write something i would regret but the system sucks big time and they deserve every mean thing you could say about them and them some. the little doll on my last blog is a copy of the little clay doll on my daughters blog nothinglikeit. he travelled all over the u.s. with them and has his own website. our intention was to let him continue his travels by sending him to foster families that wanted to
take him in and post pictures and stories about him and his travels.sadly to say our little
dakota was taken in by a family that was not very nice or truthful. after having him here in georgia over the halloween season i sent him on to his next destination for thanksgiving. that was the last time i ever saw my little guy or even heard from him. we had lots of fun while it lasted and everyone was requesting his company. his website was growing and he even had his own book of travels. then he was gone. we tried to get him back but with no luck.

Recently my daughter robin was home for a few days and we decided to get into the sock doll thing. her idea! after making cute dolls and monsters i happened to run across a pair of red socks. i knew right then there was a dakota there. he turned out pretty good. his hair is a little too much like elvis , it must have been my daughters inspiration for little dakota, he even had a little guitar. who knows maybe dakota believed in reincarnation. must be how those red socks got in my dresser drawer. anyway dakota is back in new form and he makes me smile every time i look at him. thank you, my beautiful, imaginative robin for my little guy. his presence helped me through a lot of rough days.

See the 2008 posts in the list to the right for stories about Dakota's amazing travels!


  1. Just played word whomp on your blog. That was fun.

  2. I want to see Dakota with his new Tie!

  3. Hi Momxx! Good luck with your blog - I know I enjoy mine! {:-Deb