Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Factor

Those of you who follow my daughter Robin's blog have requested funny stuff about her and her life. There are so many funny things that it's hard to remember which is best. The naked baby picture is definitely in the ahhhhh factor group but I think she purposely hid it the last time she was home. I will eventually find it but until then I have a favorite of my own.

I ran across these pictures when I was researching information about hedgehogs ( my new obsession, I want one really bad). When I saw this picture not only did they make me want one even more but just looking at the little guy made my heart skip a beat. They are sooooooo precious! I have them on my desktop now.
Robin even drew me a picture to frame so I could look at him when I'm off my PC. Don't you agree they are precious?

Want more cuteness? Check out this dancing babies video, they will really make you smile.

Makes you want to go out and buy a new pair of skates! Like my family would ever let me put on a pair! last time I wanted to but one of those new scooters they have a fit. I wish I knew how to do that kind of editing with the dancing babies, so many possibilities for fun with that. My Grand-daughter Amanda is going to college to learn all that, maybe one day she can teach a few things to her old granny.
Have you seen the new ads for teaching your baby to read? How creepy is that? Looks really strange to hear babies reading so young and I saw one that was only 17 months old reading a scientific magazine because he was studying bats. I if you can teach them to skate when they are that small you can teach them anything! Yeah right! Now if they could only teach them how to behave in public. Before I go, anyone wanting to know why Robin (in her old hometown and college) is known as THE POSSUM QUEEN. It's one of her goodies!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sneaky Cats

I could not think of a thing to write about today so I thought my marinade recipe would be good to pass on. Robin and I both use little indoor grills and a few months I made a really good meat marinade we both like. It's best on pork but I have tried it on chicken as well.

For a half pork loin I use:

It has a great taste without the heaviness of regular BBQ sauce. Be careful of the tenderizer because a lot of them are loaded with salt.

Last night a really foul smell wore me up around 2am. I think I'm missing a few nose hairs today. My little A/C was humming along but did not do much for the searing smell that filled my bedroom.
At first I was really scared, OMG! Its a terrorist attack and they have got us with a biological agent.
As I sat up I noticed my older cat lucky was snoring and in a deep sleep right next to me. Then I remembered I had given her a piece of my heavily saturated garlic pork chop. I hear about people blaming farts on their dogs but I never really thought about cats farting. I found out last night that cats do fart, they just do it in a sneaky manner.
She got me good last night, I shoved her out of my bed and grabbed the can of deodorizer. I gave the a.c. time to clear the room and finally settled down, free of a SNEAKY FARTING cat. I guess you can't feed an older cat lots of garlic 'cause I gotta tell you the smell was just like my marinade only 100 times stronger!
So, use my recipe at your own risk, and remember it stays with you a long time.

Oh, and don't feed it to your pet.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

what's with the momxxx?

OK, i just noticed the Momxxx on my blog. when i started this thing i did not know what i was doing and still haven't gotten the hang of it. the Momxxx doesn't mean I'm bragging about being a hot mama , it's just what i use to make comments on my daughters blog, nothing like it. someway it ended up big and bold so this blog. my daughter has been after me to start a blog but i really don't know why. if i know anything that will help someone I'm willing to tell my story. right now I'm pissed off about the health insurance thing and might write something i would regret but the system sucks big time and they deserve every mean thing you could say about them and them some. the little doll on my last blog is a copy of the little clay doll on my daughters blog nothinglikeit. he travelled all over the u.s. with them and has his own website. our intention was to let him continue his travels by sending him to foster families that wanted to
take him in and post pictures and stories about him and his travels.sadly to say our little
dakota was taken in by a family that was not very nice or truthful. after having him here in georgia over the halloween season i sent him on to his next destination for thanksgiving. that was the last time i ever saw my little guy or even heard from him. we had lots of fun while it lasted and everyone was requesting his company. his website was growing and he even had his own book of travels. then he was gone. we tried to get him back but with no luck.

Recently my daughter robin was home for a few days and we decided to get into the sock doll thing. her idea! after making cute dolls and monsters i happened to run across a pair of red socks. i knew right then there was a dakota there. he turned out pretty good. his hair is a little too much like elvis , it must have been my daughters inspiration for little dakota, he even had a little guitar. who knows maybe dakota believed in reincarnation. must be how those red socks got in my dresser drawer. anyway dakota is back in new form and he makes me smile every time i look at him. thank you, my beautiful, imaginative robin for my little guy. his presence helped me through a lot of rough days.

See the 2008 posts in the list to the right for stories about Dakota's amazing travels!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

dakota's back

My little guy dakota is back. I decided to recreate him out of socks and he turned out pretty good. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

OK, Seriously - Where is Dakota?

It has been over a week and we have not heard from the little guy. We know he arrived safely in Nebraska but have not heard from him since. He's only about 4 inches tall and could easily have disappeared in a snow drift....

We're doing everything we can to locate him. If YOU see a funny looking little guy with a red face and a great smile, please post a comment for us on this blog. We really want to know that he is OK...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dakota Hits the Road Again!

It seems like only yesterday that Dakota left to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Georgia and today he's heading to visit someone else!

Safe travels Dakota!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My last day with Grandma and Grandpa

Dakota spent a lot of time outside today. Grandma told him to enjoy the mild weather in Georgia because it was going to be a lot colder where he was headed next (Nebraska)!

Later in the afternoon Grandma gave Dakota some new, warm clothes for his trip north. He seemed pleased with his new outfit.

Tomorrow, Dakota packs up for his trip north. I hear there might be snow up there! Brrrrrrrrrrr!